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The wrath of God is permissiveness

Studying Romans 1 I am amazed to see how foolish man is but at the same time see that it all makes sense.  When man rejects God, God gives him over to a reprobate mind.    Those are some loaded words, but for now it think this passage from Paul Achtemeier is insightful.

“Paul describes God’s punishment for the sin of idolatry. It is frightening simply because, had Paul not told us they were signs of wrath, we could easily have mistaken them for signs of grace! When God visits his wrath in the way described in this passage there is no divine cataclysm, no fire from on high sent to consume sinful society. Rather, the wrath which God visits on sinful humanity consists in simply letting humanity have its own way. The punishment of sin is therefore simply — sin!…The way God in his wrath delivers humanity over to the just punishment of sin is to become permissive. He withdraws the gracious power of his absolute lordship and allows other lordships to prevail.” (p.40, Roman, Paul Achtemeier)

This is not to say that permissiveness is all of God’s wrath, but it does explain much about the word around us.   What are your thoughts?


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Practical Holiness — Saturday Night Preview

Practical Holiness                                                                                                                


                Legalistic rules vs. Striving for holiness after getting a glimpse of God

I.             Holiness vs. Worldliness:   Understanding holiness in a world of confusion.

                A.            Holiness – Getting a Glimpse of God. (Exodus 3,19,20,  1 Cor.11)

                B.            Worldliness.     Understanding holiness in light of its opposite – worldliness.

II.            Applying Holiness (Practical Holiness)

                A.            Holiness In Private

                                1.            What you do.

                                2.            What you think.

                B.            Holiness in Public

                C.            Holiness at Home

1.            Negatively:

2.            Positively:

         D.            Holiness at Church

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Saturday night Sermon Preview — “Explosive Evangelism”

I’m at my desk reading and praying over my notes for tomorrow’s message.  I’ve never done this before but I thought I’d post a few sentences and an outline for tomorrow’s message.

From the Intro.

Why is the church having so little impact on the world?

We simply just care way more about ourselves, our feelings, our time, our everything, than about God and others.

I believe that it stems from a failure to have a passion for righteousness, for holiness, for the glory of God.

Our self-centeredness causes us to miss the point of evangelism

1.            We don’t care that much that God is not glorified in the world

2.            We don’t care that much how God is worshiped in the world.

3.            We don’t care that great judgment is imminent.

I’m convinced that an overflowing of evangelistic activity would occur, resulting on untold multitudes coming to salvation if one thing would happen:   True believers in Christ became passionate about God’s glory, God’s holiness, and God’s love.


Main Outline

I.             Christians need to get SAVED


II.            Saved Christians need to get HOLY


III.           Holy Christians need to get LOVE


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January / February Sermons

Apologies to those who were looking for last weeks message.  Two weeks are posted  here.

January 30, 2011.    “Hope for the Hopeless”.  John 14:15-30

February 6, 2011.    “Fruitful Vine Living”.   John 15:1-17

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January Sermons

Since our church web page is undergoing reconstructive surgery, I’m uploading and linking to January’s sermons here.  Just click the links below.

January 23, 2011     The Power of Knowing God     John 14:8-14

January 16, 2011      Heart Attack:  The trouble with the heart.       John 14:1-7

January 9, 2011     John 13

January 2, 2011     John 13


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Convicting and powerful sermons with Morris Gleiser

Wow!  What a great time we had over the last four days under the preaching ministry of Morris Gleiser!

Anyone interested in hearing some great messages should check out sermon audio.   the message titled “Energized Prayer” was particularly powerful.   Check them out.

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Men’s Retreat Messages – Dr. Les Olila

We had a wonderful time at the men’s retreat.   The messages were excellent and anyone would get great value from them.

Go to The Independent Bible Church web page to hear them.   Here

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