The intolerance of tolerance

The following video by Don Carson is an excellent statement about our post-modern world.  I like it.


Sex as a substitute for Christ?

From the book, Sex and the Supremacy of Christ,

…one of the main reasons the world and the church are awash in lust and pornography (by both men and women – 30 percent of Internet pornography is now viewed by women) is that our lives are intellectually and emotionally disconnected from the infinite, soul-staggering grandeur for which we were made.  Inside and outside the church Western culture is drowning in a sea of triviality, pettiness, banality, and silliness.  Television is trivial.  Radio is trivial.  Conversation is trivial.  Education is trivial.  Christian books are trivial. Worship styles are trivial.  It is inevitable that the human heart, which was made to be staggered with the supremacy of Christ, but instead is drowning in a sea of banal entertainment, will reach for the best natural buzz that life can give: sex.  (p.44)

Great Quote

Thought provoking quote for the day from Paul Tripp (Lost in the Middle, p. 226):

Here is a principle that will help you understand what is happening: whenever the size of a person’s emotion is bigger than the size of the circumstance, it is an indication that the emotion is coming from somewhere else. People who are easily angered by little things have walked into those little things already irritated with life, and that is why it does not take much for them to explode. Remember, anger with life is always anger with the One who rules it.

I found this quote at Grace and Glory and though it worthy of posting.

Great Words of Dead Men

The following poem was written some 350 years ago.  He speaks frankly concerning the judgment of God, but the last paragraph says it all, mercy!   Taken from In the Nick of Time.

Of the Day of Judgement.
Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667)

Great Judge of all, how we vile wretches quake!
Our guilty bones do ake,
Our marrow freezes, when we think
Of the consuming fire
Of thine ire;
And horrid phials thou shalt make
The wicked drink,
When thou the winepress of thy wrath shalt tread
With feet of lead.
Sinful rebellious clay! what unknown place
Shall hide it from thy face!
When earth shall vanish from thy sight,
The heavens that never err’d,
But observ’d
Thy laws, shal from thy presence take their flight,
And kil’d with glory, their bright eyes, stark dead
Start from their head:
Lord, how shall we,
Thy enemies, endure to see
So bright, so killing Majesty?
Mercy dear Saviour: Thy Judgement seat
We dare not Lord intreat;
We are condemn’d already, there.
Mercy: vouchsafe one look
On thy book
Of life; Lord we can read the saving Jesus, here,
And in his Name our own Salvation see:
Lord set us free,
The book of sin
Is cross’d within,
Our debts are paid by thee.