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Christianity and Islam

I’d like to make a few statements about my thinking concerning Islam.

1) Just as there are many who call themselves “Christian” but don’t actually follow the teachings of Christ and the Bible, there are many people who identify as Muslims but do not fully embrace all Islamic The-Symbol-of-Christanity-and-Islamteachings.

2) Christians must show love and compassion to all people including Muslims. When a Christian encounters a Muslim person on the street, at work or school, or in the neighborhood, he should seek to develop a relationship with him or her and show the love of Christ and the Gospel with that person.

A Christian should not feel hindered in declaring Biblical truth.   I have had a number of occasions to speak with Muslims about spiritual things and all these conversations have been kind and friendly. On several occasions the conversation became something of a debate because we fundamentally disagreed about things that matter. My intention every time has been twofold: first to communicate the truth of the Bible and second to show the love of Christ through my kind treatment of the person.

3) There are a fairly large number of Muslims who believe in Jihad and Sharia Law and desire to spread Islam through the entire world by force, immigration, and deception.   The number of Muslims holding these beliefs appear to be in the tens of millions and may be in the hundreds of millions. These are the people often termed “radical Muslim”.

4) While the majority of Muslim people are not currently “radical” they have the potential to be radicalized through the teachings and influences they receive.

5) Islam, as all religions, must be open to criticism.  Islam is not a race but a religion and it is not just a religion but an entire world view and culture for many people.  There are certainly variations within Islamic culture but many factors also unite Muslims.

When a person’s religion becomes his culture his whole identity becomes tied to that religion. Traditions, family values, morality, loyalties, bias and prejudices are all connected through the religious cultural training.   This complicates the matter of sorting out dangerous people because in a world dominated by political correctness and multiculturalism – both dangerous ideals designed to destroy individualism and freedom – to appropriately criticize any element of Islam is considered an attack on the entire culture of all Islamic people and is therefore a sin on the same level as racism.

This is a problem because race, religion, and culture are three distinctly different things.  Racism must be vehemently opposed but culture and religion must be carefully analyzed and sometimes passionately criticized. Both humans and nations must make determinate decisions about things that are right or wrong. Government does this every day of its existence.   When a government says that it is illegal to kill a person, they have made a moral decision. Not everything government does is moral, some of it is just practical, like the speed limit, or even political.   Neither the government nor individuals are always right in determining right and wrong, but both are endowed by God with the responsibility of judging right and wrong.

6) While I don’t know the answer to the problem of radicalization or the terror it leads too, I do believe that all nations have a responsibility to protect their own people. If any group of people seeks to hurt the members of a country, the government of that country has a God given responsibility to protect its own people.

7) Finally Christians must step back and see the big picture. On the one hand we know that Satan desires to create chaos and hatred, to destroy and kill, and to do anything which leads people away from true faith in Christ. One of his great tools is religion. He has perverted Christianity so that the vast majority of people in the world who claim the name “Christian” are not by any Biblical measure truly Christian. Satan also uses many other religions to kill and destroy and lead people away from Christ.

But on the other hand we know that God is Almighty and in control.   We can depend on him and we must not allow our faith to be shaken. The world is a wicked place and the Bible tells us that at some future point tribulation is coming. Regardless of God’s grand timeline, our time is one of change and much evil. Things will not continue as we have become accustomed here in America.   Persecution of true believers may come. Loss of freedom or Constitutional government may come and to a large degree has already come.   Do not be overwhelmed or troubled. The opportunity to represent Christ and the Gospel will be on the rise.   To God be the Glory.


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The Boston bombing, Muslim extremism and Satanic evil


Very serious things have been happening in America recently.  The most notable for the public being the tragic Boston Marathon bombing.  Evidence points to the perpetrators being Muslim extremist. Reports have been

conflicting as to whether they were part of a larger organized group, but it seems like a probable conclusion.

Of course one need not be part of a Muslim extremist group to wreak violence upon American people. Plenty of seemingly normal Americans have become mass murderers.  But this attack is significant in that it is the largest terrorist attack on American soil since 9-11.  That there have not been more episodes of intentional violence and destruction in America is stunning, especially given the fact that the USA has been stirring the hornets’ nest of the Middle East for a dozen years; and given the fact that our borders are completely open to any motivated aggressor.  

I’d like to suggest some reasons that we may not have been attacked sooner or more often.

The USA is so good at counter-terrorism that we stopped all the other attempts.

OK, our guys are good, but are they really that good?  Seriously, with our virtually unprotected borders, visa’s given to nearly anyone, and a nation that is crippled by political correctness to the point that no one may be judged or even suspected of being terrorist regardless of their religion, fashion, associations, or spending habits, are we supposed to believe that it’s impossible for the haters of America to bomb a school, stadium, or public building?

The great irony is that the US government has trampled the rights of all Americans, ignoring and demolishing the Bill of Rights in order to supposedly protect us from the evil terrorists.   Under the Patriot Act and similar legislation, along with executive orders, Americans are spied on and searched in their “persons and papers” electronically, and may be arrested and held indefinitely without trial, all in violation of the Bill of Rights.  So instead of profiling a foreigner who is not entitled to the rights of our founding documents, we have given the foreigner greater rights than the citizen, and in the process robbed the citizen of both his rights and his protection from foreign aggression – the one clear thing the Federal government is supposed to do for us.

Face the truth.  If those desiring to hurt America so desired, the Boston bombing could be repeated every single day.  America would be bogged down in such a sludge of regulation and government police “protection” that ordinary life would cease.   The economy would likely collapse, people would riot; chaos would reign requiring the government to take ever more stringent steps to “protect us”.  The light of freedom, that thing which has made America so attractive to the masses, has already dimmed but would soon go out. All of this would work to the favor of those desiring to hurt America.

So here’s the truth as I see it: either the haters don’t really want to hurt America, which I find hard to believe; or something other the US government has prevented them.  What could that be?

God protects us.

There is no doubt that God directs in the affairs of man, at times preventing men or devils from conducting their evil schemes or through providential blessing and guidance to fulfill His purposes. We have a number of biblical examples to help us understand this.

In Job we find God protecting his servant so that, though Satan desired to hurt him, he was unable until God lifted His protective hedge.   Even then Satan was limited in what he could do to Job.   When allowed by God, Satan was able to afflict Job by manipulating both men (army’s) and weather.  Throughout Israel’s history God is seen raising up kings and putting down nations.  Nebuchadnezzar, in the book of Daniel, is a great example.  God took his sanity from him so that he acted like a wild animal for seven seasons of time; then God told him:

“In order that the living may know that the Most High is ruler over the realm of mankind, and bestows it on whom He wishes and sets over it the lowliest of men. (Dan.4:17)

No terrorist will ever be able to attack America, or any other nation for that matter, without God allowing it to happen.  There can be no doubt that, to some degree, God has been protecting and blessing America.  He’s not obligated to do so; and our rebellion most certainly will, or has led Him to cease, but He has blessed and protected in the past.

Satan has not allowed it.

The premise of this point is that God has already allowed Satan to afflict America for whatever reason God has in doing so.  I happen to think that God may have a number of reasons.  But why wouldn’t Satan pursue more of these Muslim terrorist attacks?

Islam is one of Satan’s religions.  I’m sorry if that offends you, but it is a fact.  I’m not saying that we should hate people who are Muslims, not at all; we should love them, pray for them, and seek to teach them the Gospel.  But as a religion, Islam was founded by Satan; it is anti-Christ, anti-Bible, and anti-morality.  I will concede that it does have a certain element of morality to it, but that is how Satan works, he mixes truth with lies.  The moral teaching of Islam that is in harmony with the Bible is offset by other teaching that is perverted, gross and anti-biblical.

Islam has perpetrated violence upon human flesh for well over a millennia.  This has often been through external aggression, using wars to win territory and force people into their vile religion.  But it has also been through the internal violence toward its’ own people, especially women.  Satan has used Islam to accomplish his goals; keeping people from faith in the true and living God, and destroying things and people which God has made.  It would seem to make sense for Satan to use Islamic extremists to attack and injure America.  This would be especially true if America were a nation that to a large degree embraced the morality of the Bible; and if there were a large number of Christians in America.

Perhaps, and I’m just taking a guess here, but perhaps Satan has not been pursuing more terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists in America because America has been on a steady path into deeper evil and immorality; and too many big scary terrorist attacks might just turn people back to God.  Seeing that he is achieving success in his goal of keeping people from faith in the true and living God, and destroying things and people which God has made, may it be that Satan knows he doesn’t need many terrorist attacks.   He’s a smart businessman; he’ll just keep doing what is working.

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America’s support of Islam

I receive the Daily Jot in my email daily.   I’ve included the entire article for Dec.5.  Read it and think.   You may want to subscribe to the daily newsletter.   The author encourages the forwarding of his writing.
The Prophetic Peace Plan–government vs God

There were three stories over the weekend that had prophetic significance to every American. One was the lighting of the Christmas tree at the White House, another was the election outcome in Egypt, and the other was a public showing of disdain for Israel by the Secretary of Defense. All were seemingly unrelated, but they serve as examples of a deeper problem in American foreign policy that has long reaching prophetic consequences. Neither the man who occupies the Oval Office nor his Administration understand who God is and the truth about God’s people and God’s ways. America, under this Administration, has taken a harsh turn that places our nation as an active prophetic tool of God’s enemies.
In lighting the White House Christmas Tree, the president said, “More than 2,000 years ago, a child was born to two faithful travelers who could find rest only in a stable, among the cattle and the sheep.  But this was not just any child.  Christ’s birth made the angels rejoice and attracted shepherds and kings from afar.  He was a manifestation of God’s love for us.  And He grew up to become a leader with a servant’s heart who taught us a message as simple as it is powerful:  that we should love God, and love our neighbor as ourselves.”  The president has always missed the point about Jesus. He continues to characterize Jesus as a great leader and a servant who just taught us to treat one another well–it’s the Islamic Jesus.
The express purpose of the Christ is found in Isaiah 9:6, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The prince of Peace.” Apart from Jesus Christ, there can be no peace. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was reported by Reuters to have scolded Israel and told Israel to get back to the “damn” negotiating table with the Palestinians. This Administration misses the point entirely. Giving land to the so-called Palestinians, whose sole objective according to their organizations’ charters is to drive the Jews into the sea, will never create peace.
There is a peace plan in place. It is found in nearly every prophet’s book in the Bible, including Revelation. It’s called The Day of the Lord, where Jesus Christ returns to earth to set things straight. And it is about land–the deed to the earth that only Christ himself is worthy to open as found in Revelation 5. No amount of land given to Palestinians will bring peace. Only the Prince of Peace will bring peace–not those posing as god via government. The third story about how the leaders of the West were surprised that radical Islamists were winning elections in Islamic lands shows us the foolishness of America’s leaders in supporting Islamists–that they are tools of prophecy ushering in the end times, but doing so by standing with evil. Prepare for the consequences.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
For those interested in our President’s committment to Islam I offer the following videos.
Obama flat-out says, “My Muslim faith”.  George S. then corrects him saying, “my Christian faith” and then Obama corrects himself.

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