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Why Christians should not vote for Hillary Clinton

vote pic .jpgI am being bombarded via email, Twitter, Facebook, and personal contacts with passionately held, opinionated arguments for how Christians ought to vote in the coming election.    Some are saying that Christians must vote for Donald Trump in order to defeat Hillary Clinton while others are arguing that any vote for Trump is a compromise of true Christian values.

I plan to deal with Donald Trump in my next article but here I want to explain why I believe that Christians should not vote for Hillary Clinton.

I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton or anyone holding similar moral and political principles.  My reasons, unlike the opinions of so many who are screaming about both candidates, are not based on personal behavior, sins, crimes or idiosyncrasies.   My reasons are based on the candidate’s world view or philosophy of life — the personally held beliefs which govern all the other decisions a person makes. It is critical for us to understand the world view of anyone who aspires to lead a nation.

The foremost reason is my confidence that life begins at conception. This belief is scientific, social and spiritual and leads necessarily to the conclusion that purposely ending an innocent life, for any reason, any time after conception is morally wrong and murder.   While no candidate winning the presidential election has the ability or authority to immediately end all abortion, it is clear that the next president will have tremendous influence legally, financially, and socially over millions of lives yet to be born.    The fact that Americans kill over one million (1,000,000) babies each year constitutes a blight on our nation which can bring nothing but the judgment of God. God cares about innocent life.   No Christian should endorse or vote for a candidate who believes abortion is morally acceptable.

The second reason is related to the candidates understanding of truth.  Is truth absolute or does it change over time?  I believe that God has determined absolute truth and it is clearly seen by the morality revealed in the Bible as well as in the hearts of humanity.   Many things are clearly true and accepted by people who don’t believe the Bible. Examples of such truth would be that it is wrong to kill innocent life, wrong to abuse children, wrong to steal.   These things are obvious to most people, but we are living in a day when truth is being blurred and bent to the degree that many Americans deny any standard of absolute truth.  This is how we end up with abortion, gay marriage and transgender bathroom issues.

One place where this truth has been most blurred is in the court system.  Judges have been using their authority to create law based on their own and public opinion rather than allowing the American Constitutional system to create law.   When the Supreme Court has the power to essentially erase the First Amendment by denying people the freedom to apply their religious convictions in moral areas, it is clear that absolute truth has been made to bow to the subjective, ever changing philosophies of men.

Hillary Clinton and most liberals believe the Constitution to be a “living and breathing” document.  What they argue by this is that the words don’t have to mean the same thing today as they clearly meant when they were written.  They believe that the Constitution as well as formerly passed laws and amendments can be re-interpreted to mean whatever the judges desire.    The Supreme Court has been fairly balanced between liberal and conservative judges.   However, with the passing of Scalia, a very conservative judge, the power of the court could be tipped decisively toward the liberal side.  The result will be a new government, an oligarchy, with the power make or change any law they desire.  The First and Second amendment are in very serious jeopardy.    Hillary will appoint a liberal judge and further remove truth and meaning from our laws.

I could write much more about the philosophical reasons that Christians should not vote for Hillary Clinton but I think these two examples are enough.    Notice that I have not brought up Hillary Clinton’s legal issues or personal character.  It is not that these things don’t matter to me, they do, but they are not the first criteria in determining the suitability of a candidate.    We must make our decisions based on overarching philosophy of life issues.  For the God fearing, God loving, Bible believer, Hillary Clinton must be excluded.




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Wickedness is like sport to a fool — the hypocrisy of gun control

“Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool, and so is wisdom to a man of understanding.”

 Proverbs 10:23

Our nation’s capital is brimming with wickedness and fools.   They are there partially because other wicked fools put them there.  Many who voted to put them there were made pawns through their own failure to think and their overwhelming covetousness.

Proverbs tells us that a fool considers wickedness to be a game, a sport.  Oh how true of the D.C. crowd.  Little exceeds the wickedness of abortion and this week the government released some sad figures.

Planned Parenthood received $542,000,000.00 ($542 million) of tax payers’ dollars last year.  This half billion dollars account for 45% of their income.  With this American tax payer income Planned Parenthood performed 330,964 murders (abortions), one murder every 94 seconds.

How do I know that it is sport, a game to them?   Well because these bombastic fools turn around and preach that we need gun control to protect children.   On average a little over 300 “children” are killed each year by people with guns.  That’s about the same number of children as who are killed on bicycles!   Notice the word “children” is in quotes.  This is because the word “children” includes all the 16 and 17 year olds who are killed in gang fights, drug wars, and shot by old ladies during home invasions.   It’s a little hard to classify these miscreant young adults as “children”, but in the game politics it is what D.C. does. It is also a little hard to believe that they are serious about protecting the innocent of our land when they so vociferously fight to protect and promote the so called “right” to murder children.

Volumes could be written about the sport our leaders make of wickedness, but what about the second part of the verse?  “Wisdom is like sport to a man of understanding”.   We who know the Lord also have the Word and the Spirit.  This should result in conviction, understanding, and wisdom.  We ought to get mad about sin.  I’m often criticized for criticizing wickedness.   To be angry over sin, especially in our leaders is right.    But anger is not enough, we must apply wisdom to our own lives and to the world that is so enamored with the sport of sin.

It is true that the only real hope for this world is the Gospel of Jesus, but it is also true that part or proclaiming Jesus is declaring sin to be sin, and an offense to God.   A simple (hyperbole), full proof, three step plan for changing America might look like this:

1)            Christians stop living materialist, lustful, selfish lives.  Repent and seek God’s holiness.

2)            Out of passion for God’s holiness, start proclaiming sin to be sin all around them.

3)            Give people to Good News of Hope through forgiveness by the blood of Jesus.

At this point I’m afraid that the brand of Christianity we have around here won’t get past the first step.  I’m not condemning all Christians, or anyone on a personal level.  I am however, pointing out the general hypocrisy and materialism of the American church in general.  Lord have mercy I pray!

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Tax payer funded Abortion at Plan Parenthood

I’m posting the entire “Daily Jot” for today.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tax money to support abortion must be stopped

The federal government gave the abortion industry’s largest baby killing organization some $487,400,000 in the fiscal year ending 2011. This, according to the annual report of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA). PPFA says it performed 329,445 abortions from July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011. The report also brags that the organization sent $1.6 million in grants to 48 partner organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, “enabling the delivery of reproductive health care to more than 655,000 women and adolescents.” Read between the lines: your tax money is not only wiping out a generation of Americans, but also evangelizing this death worldwide.
There is more. PPFA says of the nationalized healthcare law: “Thanks to Planned Parenthood’s tireless efforts in the face of staunch opposition, the new law expands care to millions of women and protects women’s access to essential reproductive care.” In other words, the healthcare bill that the man who occupies the Oval Office signed into law will enable abortions–something the president said would not happen. PPFA claims that abortion is only three percent of its services and that there is no federal money that directly subsidizes abortion. Things like contraception (35% of the budget) and STD testing and treatment (38% of the budget) are where the tax money is spent.
If not for your contribution through taxes to PFPA, it would be a shell of an organization. All the services provided by PPFA are seamlessly integrated to promote the ultimate end game–abortion. In 2005, I attended a closed briefing by PPFA for Congressional staffers. PPFA representatives explained that federal money is not used for abortions, but rather for infrastructure, brick and mortar and contraception, education, STD testing. But without federal funding, PPFA would not be able to exist (you and I fund 46.5% of its budget). Additionally, I have interviewed former PPFA employees who say that PPFA educates to promote sex, hands out low strength birth control, and councils to encourage abortions.
There are many Bible verses about life, choosing life, the Lord knowing and forming babies in the womb. They are all used by Christians who speak about abolishing abortion. But a verse that shivers me to the soul is Jeremiah 2:34, “Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents; I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these.” America is guilty and shameless for these acts of infanticide when even our own Declaration of Independence confirms all Americans’ right to life. People wonder why our nation is facing such political and economic upheaval–for one of the reasons just look at the Planned Parenthood annual report. It’s time we stop this by turning our word into deed.
Have a Blessed and Powerful Day!
Bill Wilson
PS. Please use the forward link below to pass this on to as many people as you can!

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“180” Movie

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Paterno, Moralists, and Abortion

I’ve been busy by wanted to write a few thoughts this morning.

1)     The Penn State debacle has had me thinking all week.   When abuse of children takes place, all offenders should be dealt with severely.   Those who know of a crime have a moral obligation to report and otherwise deal with the abuse.   I’m not sure Penn Sate coach Joe Paterno should have been fired though.  It seems to me that an investigation should have been done by the board first.   It seems to me that the board was trying to “look” like they were taking the issue seriously.

I read one sports commentator article this week who said of Joe Paterno something like this: “He followed the law, he followed the NCAA rules, but he did not do the right thing morally.”    I might agree with that if I have all the facts.  If it comes out the Paterno reported it to the VP and to the police and it was investigated and he was told that the investigation did not turn up any prosecutable evidence, but that they were forcing Sandusky to resign, what was he to do?

Anyway, I don’t know what happened and I’m not trying to defend the guilty, my point is this, “How come so many people are ready to take the moral high ground all of a sudden when their moral philosophy in many other areas is no better than that of pigs?”

I hate even the thought of sexual abuse of children.  It makes me want to hurt people.  But how many of these new moralists will stand up to decry abortion.   Three thousand children will be killed TODAY in America through abortion.   Let me ask you, “What is worse, to molest a child or to kill a child”.  I think they are both wrong and should both be punishable by imprisonment.   In the case of abortion though, it is murder!    How many football players in the NCAA have girlfriends get pregnant and then get abortions?

I’m glad that the public is making a big deal about sexual abuse.  I just wish they wouldn’t be such hypocrites.

2)     I just read this article about abortion and you should too.  “A Biblical Mandate to Do Something About Abortion”

3)    Everyone is aware of the “Occupy” movement of protesters in New York and around the country.  I don’t sympathize with this group at all, but I think that at the core most Christians and other Americans are just like them.

How are we alike?   Well they are essentially unhappy with what they have and are angry, jealous, and bitter at others.   (Personally I believe that America is still free enough for just about anyone to work, create, and establish themselves regardless of what the banks and corporations do.)  The fundamental problem is that none of us are happy with what we have.  We want more and better.   We buy new cell phones, thinner and bigger televisions, faster computers, nicer cars, bigger homes, etc.    Whether or not we share a political philosophy with the “Occupiers” we do share the flesh.  The Christian will never find true joy and satisfaction is his stuff, but only in Christ, and it usually comes after loosing most of the stuff.   Just a thought.


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I hate abortion!

This is a very thought provoking video.

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