Why Christians should not vote for Hillary Clinton

vote pic .jpgI am being bombarded via email, Twitter, Facebook, and personal contacts with passionately held, opinionated arguments for how Christians ought to vote in the coming election.    Some are saying that Christians must vote for Donald Trump in order to defeat Hillary Clinton while others are arguing that any vote for Trump is a compromise of true Christian values.

I plan to deal with Donald Trump in my next article but here I want to explain why I believe that Christians should not vote for Hillary Clinton.

I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton or anyone holding similar moral and political principles.  My reasons, unlike the opinions of so many who are screaming about both candidates, are not based on personal behavior, sins, crimes or idiosyncrasies.   My reasons are based on the candidate’s world view or philosophy of life — the personally held beliefs which govern all the other decisions a person makes. It is critical for us to understand the world view of anyone who aspires to lead a nation.

The foremost reason is my confidence that life begins at conception. This belief is scientific, social and spiritual and leads necessarily to the conclusion that purposely ending an innocent life, for any reason, any time after conception is morally wrong and murder.   While no candidate winning the presidential election has the ability or authority to immediately end all abortion, it is clear that the next president will have tremendous influence legally, financially, and socially over millions of lives yet to be born.    The fact that Americans kill over one million (1,000,000) babies each year constitutes a blight on our nation which can bring nothing but the judgment of God. God cares about innocent life.   No Christian should endorse or vote for a candidate who believes abortion is morally acceptable.

The second reason is related to the candidates understanding of truth.  Is truth absolute or does it change over time?  I believe that God has determined absolute truth and it is clearly seen by the morality revealed in the Bible as well as in the hearts of humanity.   Many things are clearly true and accepted by people who don’t believe the Bible. Examples of such truth would be that it is wrong to kill innocent life, wrong to abuse children, wrong to steal.   These things are obvious to most people, but we are living in a day when truth is being blurred and bent to the degree that many Americans deny any standard of absolute truth.  This is how we end up with abortion, gay marriage and transgender bathroom issues.

One place where this truth has been most blurred is in the court system.  Judges have been using their authority to create law based on their own and public opinion rather than allowing the American Constitutional system to create law.   When the Supreme Court has the power to essentially erase the First Amendment by denying people the freedom to apply their religious convictions in moral areas, it is clear that absolute truth has been made to bow to the subjective, ever changing philosophies of men.

Hillary Clinton and most liberals believe the Constitution to be a “living and breathing” document.  What they argue by this is that the words don’t have to mean the same thing today as they clearly meant when they were written.  They believe that the Constitution as well as formerly passed laws and amendments can be re-interpreted to mean whatever the judges desire.    The Supreme Court has been fairly balanced between liberal and conservative judges.   However, with the passing of Scalia, a very conservative judge, the power of the court could be tipped decisively toward the liberal side.  The result will be a new government, an oligarchy, with the power make or change any law they desire.  The First and Second amendment are in very serious jeopardy.    Hillary will appoint a liberal judge and further remove truth and meaning from our laws.

I could write much more about the philosophical reasons that Christians should not vote for Hillary Clinton but I think these two examples are enough.    Notice that I have not brought up Hillary Clinton’s legal issues or personal character.  It is not that these things don’t matter to me, they do, but they are not the first criteria in determining the suitability of a candidate.    We must make our decisions based on overarching philosophy of life issues.  For the God fearing, God loving, Bible believer, Hillary Clinton must be excluded.




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