Wickedness is like sport to a fool — the hypocrisy of gun control

“Doing wickedness is like sport to a fool, and so is wisdom to a man of understanding.”

 Proverbs 10:23

Our nation’s capital is brimming with wickedness and fools.   They are there partially because other wicked fools put them there.  Many who voted to put them there were made pawns through their own failure to think and their overwhelming covetousness.

Proverbs tells us that a fool considers wickedness to be a game, a sport.  Oh how true of the D.C. crowd.  Little exceeds the wickedness of abortion and this week the government released some sad figures.

Planned Parenthood received $542,000,000.00 ($542 million) of tax payers’ dollars last year.  This half billion dollars account for 45% of their income.  With this American tax payer income Planned Parenthood performed 330,964 murders (abortions), one murder every 94 seconds.

How do I know that it is sport, a game to them?   Well because these bombastic fools turn around and preach that we need gun control to protect children.   On average a little over 300 “children” are killed each year by people with guns.  That’s about the same number of children as who are killed on bicycles!   Notice the word “children” is in quotes.  This is because the word “children” includes all the 16 and 17 year olds who are killed in gang fights, drug wars, and shot by old ladies during home invasions.   It’s a little hard to classify these miscreant young adults as “children”, but in the game politics it is what D.C. does. It is also a little hard to believe that they are serious about protecting the innocent of our land when they so vociferously fight to protect and promote the so called “right” to murder children.

Volumes could be written about the sport our leaders make of wickedness, but what about the second part of the verse?  “Wisdom is like sport to a man of understanding”.   We who know the Lord also have the Word and the Spirit.  This should result in conviction, understanding, and wisdom.  We ought to get mad about sin.  I’m often criticized for criticizing wickedness.   To be angry over sin, especially in our leaders is right.    But anger is not enough, we must apply wisdom to our own lives and to the world that is so enamored with the sport of sin.

It is true that the only real hope for this world is the Gospel of Jesus, but it is also true that part or proclaiming Jesus is declaring sin to be sin, and an offense to God.   A simple (hyperbole), full proof, three step plan for changing America might look like this:

1)            Christians stop living materialist, lustful, selfish lives.  Repent and seek God’s holiness.

2)            Out of passion for God’s holiness, start proclaiming sin to be sin all around them.

3)            Give people to Good News of Hope through forgiveness by the blood of Jesus.

At this point I’m afraid that the brand of Christianity we have around here won’t get past the first step.  I’m not condemning all Christians, or anyone on a personal level.  I am however, pointing out the general hypocrisy and materialism of the American church in general.  Lord have mercy I pray!


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