Missions and Technology

my ipad

Technology  is both a blessing and a curse.   Earlier this week I read a Newsweek article entitled “Is the Internet Driving Us Mad?” in which the author attempts to demonstrate through quoting recent studies and books that people’s brain chemistry changes as they experience certain types of technology.     I believe there is some truth to what he is saying since I’ experienced some of those symptoms — anxiety over “cell phone separation”, euphoric over being able to read the Drudge report after a time of severance.   I’m not really a gamer and I don’t exhibit most of the symptoms, but I’ve seen people who have.

So it was refreshing today when I came across another article about how Apple and Steve Jobs has helped the cause of missions, particularly in closed nations.  It seems that the software standardization Apple has brought through its ubiquitous products, along with the gigabytes of memory on tiny devices, has simplified the process of bringing the gospel and the Bible into many difficult places around the world.  The article is worth reading.

(And yes, that is my Ipad.  And Yes I like cows so stop laughing at me.   And yes I took the picture with my  Iphone.    Stop laughing, you have problems too.)


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