Pray for me. I think I have Nomophobia

About two weeks ago I was part of a carpool on a two-hour trip to meet with a group of pastors.  When we arrived at the meeting I realized that I had left my phone back in my car.   Now I couldn’t check my email, text messages, get phone calls, look at the weather forecast, use my mobile Logos program to look up Greek and Hebrew words, check the Drudge report, or any of the critical things I normally do throughout the day (I have an ipone).  A strange feeling overcame me as though I had been dropped from an airplane into a barren wilderness.    My heart rate increased.   I broke into a cold sweat.   I hard trouble breathing.     Luckily the following article says that this disease can be treated.  I wonder if I could qualify for disability.

OK, OK  I’m totally exaggerating!    I didn’t really have trouble breathing:).     Check out this very short article though.

The article ends assuring us that there is treatment;

According to the website, nomophobes can be treated by exposure therapy. First a person can start imagining what it would be like to be without a phone. And then maybe spend small amounts of time away from the phone.

But if it’s really bad, you might consider medication.

OK, for today I’m going to start trying to imagine not having my phone for a few minutes.


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