Practical Holiness — Saturday Night Preview

Practical Holiness                                                                                                                


                Legalistic rules vs. Striving for holiness after getting a glimpse of God

I.             Holiness vs. Worldliness:   Understanding holiness in a world of confusion.

                A.            Holiness – Getting a Glimpse of God. (Exodus 3,19,20,  1 Cor.11)

                B.            Worldliness.     Understanding holiness in light of its opposite – worldliness.

II.            Applying Holiness (Practical Holiness)

                A.            Holiness In Private

                                1.            What you do.

                                2.            What you think.

                B.            Holiness in Public

                C.            Holiness at Home

1.            Negatively:

2.            Positively:

         D.            Holiness at Church


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  1. Charles Louden

    Cool! Sounds like good stuff!

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