Another quote from Lucarini

One more quote from Dan Lucarini in Why I left the Contemporary Christian Music Movement.

He says that the following response is unlikely to change a convinced CCM proponent, but I think what he says is interesting.

The following comes from page 96.

When someone says, ‘Show me where the Bible says that rock music is evil’, you could reply: ‘Show me where the bible says that…

  • ‘…God is pleased you chose the same music style as Madonna, Hootie and the Blowfish, and the Dave Matthews Band.’
  • ‘…you should vigorously defend the favourite music style of this world.’
  • ‘…it’s OK to use the same music style as the sex and drug culture.’
  • ‘…God waived that “abstain from all appearance of evil” clause just for you.’

This type of arguing might prove effective with some people.  I prefer the more thorough method of research and presentation of truth such as that set forth in  John Makujina’s book Measuring the Music, and others.

I guess when your dealing with someone who’s only defense for their music choice is, “Where does the Bible say I can’t?”, the aforementioned approach might be the only one to be heard.


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