Saturday night Sermon Preview — “Explosive Evangelism”

I’m at my desk reading and praying over my notes for tomorrow’s message.  I’ve never done this before but I thought I’d post a few sentences and an outline for tomorrow’s message.

From the Intro.

Why is the church having so little impact on the world?

We simply just care way more about ourselves, our feelings, our time, our everything, than about God and others.

I believe that it stems from a failure to have a passion for righteousness, for holiness, for the glory of God.

Our self-centeredness causes us to miss the point of evangelism

1.            We don’t care that much that God is not glorified in the world

2.            We don’t care that much how God is worshiped in the world.

3.            We don’t care that great judgment is imminent.

I’m convinced that an overflowing of evangelistic activity would occur, resulting on untold multitudes coming to salvation if one thing would happen:   True believers in Christ became passionate about God’s glory, God’s holiness, and God’s love.


Main Outline

I.             Christians need to get SAVED


II.            Saved Christians need to get HOLY


III.           Holy Christians need to get LOVE



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One response to “Saturday night Sermon Preview — “Explosive Evangelism”

  1. I like #1. We don’t care that much that God is not glorified in the world.
    Good post!

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