The withering of western culture

A little gem from David Wells, No Place for Truth, or Whatever Happened to Evangelical Theology, (p.169)
Western culture once valued the higher achievements of human nature — reasoned discourse, the good use of language, fair and impartial law, the importance of our collective memory, tradition, the core of moral axioms to which collective consent was given, those aesthetic achievements in the arts that represented the high-water marks of the human spirit.  These are now all in retreat.  Reasoned discourse has largely disappeared; in a nation of plummeting literacy, language has been reduced to the lowest common denominator, to the vulgar catch phrases of the youth culture; the core of values has disintegrated; the arts are degraded; the law is politicized; politics is trivialized.  In place of high culture we have what is low.  Unruly instinctual drives replace thought; the darker side of human nature destroys the nobler, leaving a trail of pornography, violence, and indifference. (emphasis mine)
Here is my question for you, “is there any coming back from this kind of cultural deterioration?”

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  1. arctic

    I predict there is not any “coming back” from this rot. we are not Israel…

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