Tim Tebow – an exception to public Christian hypocricy

It’s not often that you’ll see me get on the band wagon for a so-called Christian athlete.  Most professional athletes who claim the name of Christ are laughed at by the world, not because of their rigorous stand for Christ, but because the world can see the blatant hypocrisy of their life.  Their actions simply don’t match their claims to Christianity.     This article on the National Review (thanks Greg M. for the heads up) proves that the world feels about the same way as I do about these so-called Christian athletes.

However, one man has caught my attention.  That man is Tim Tebow, current quarterback for the Denver Bronco’s.    I’m not an avid football fan, but I do enjoy a game once in a while and I’ve noticed a lot of whoopla about Tebow.  At first I was suspicious, but as time goes on it truly does appear that he is different.   I’m not saying I agree with all of his theology, I don’t even know what he believes other than he claims to be a Christian and does a whole lot better job of living it publically than most Christians I know.  I’ll admint, I don’t really know too much about the man, I just hope I have the right view and I hope he doesn’t prove me wrong.

Here is what seems to make him stand out in my mind.

1.            So far no one has been able to find any dirt on him.

I hope this is because there is not dirt to be found.  If he doesn’t party, drink, drug, commit adultery, get in fights, call people names or use foul language, well then there simply isn’t any dirt to find.  Refreshing.

2.            He is unashamed of Christ.  

He is constantly giving Christ the glory, even when he is ridiculed, made fun of and mocked.   The prayer he does on the field is being copied and often in a mocking way by many others.    Even an opposing player who sacked him recently knelt in mocking prayer right next to him.   When questioned about it Tebow took no offense, but said the guy was simply happy because he made a great play.   Apparently even other so-called Christian athletes are telling him to tone it down, as if he is simply putting on a show.

3.            He is said to have a tremendous work ethic.

Lots of lost people have good work ethics too, but when you are publically proclaiming Christ, you should live your life with excellence.  That is God’s will for all believers, but many Christians who vocally proclaim Christ fail to pursue excellence in their jobs or families and cause the world to doubt their sincerity.


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One response to “Tim Tebow – an exception to public Christian hypocricy

  1. Bruce Hughes

    I totally agree with your assessment of Tim Tebow as far as we can tell at this point. The sports commentators don’t seem to know what to think about him and his success, in spite of his unorthodox style of winning. I find it interesting that he is mocked by other players and even the parachutists who glide into the field during the pregame show. Why hasn’t there ever been controversy over all the players who cross themselves after a touchdown or some other great play? That display is likely the only “religious” indicator in the lives of most of those players.

    I have watched Tim Tebow over the years starting when he was at Florida State. He has always been consistent in his testimony. He is also doing great unselfish things with the salary he is getting paid. At this point he is the reason I watch football as often as possible.

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