Paterno, Moralists, and Abortion

I’ve been busy by wanted to write a few thoughts this morning.

1)     The Penn State debacle has had me thinking all week.   When abuse of children takes place, all offenders should be dealt with severely.   Those who know of a crime have a moral obligation to report and otherwise deal with the abuse.   I’m not sure Penn Sate coach Joe Paterno should have been fired though.  It seems to me that an investigation should have been done by the board first.   It seems to me that the board was trying to “look” like they were taking the issue seriously.

I read one sports commentator article this week who said of Joe Paterno something like this: “He followed the law, he followed the NCAA rules, but he did not do the right thing morally.”    I might agree with that if I have all the facts.  If it comes out the Paterno reported it to the VP and to the police and it was investigated and he was told that the investigation did not turn up any prosecutable evidence, but that they were forcing Sandusky to resign, what was he to do?

Anyway, I don’t know what happened and I’m not trying to defend the guilty, my point is this, “How come so many people are ready to take the moral high ground all of a sudden when their moral philosophy in many other areas is no better than that of pigs?”

I hate even the thought of sexual abuse of children.  It makes me want to hurt people.  But how many of these new moralists will stand up to decry abortion.   Three thousand children will be killed TODAY in America through abortion.   Let me ask you, “What is worse, to molest a child or to kill a child”.  I think they are both wrong and should both be punishable by imprisonment.   In the case of abortion though, it is murder!    How many football players in the NCAA have girlfriends get pregnant and then get abortions?

I’m glad that the public is making a big deal about sexual abuse.  I just wish they wouldn’t be such hypocrites.

2)     I just read this article about abortion and you should too.  “A Biblical Mandate to Do Something About Abortion”

3)    Everyone is aware of the “Occupy” movement of protesters in New York and around the country.  I don’t sympathize with this group at all, but I think that at the core most Christians and other Americans are just like them.

How are we alike?   Well they are essentially unhappy with what they have and are angry, jealous, and bitter at others.   (Personally I believe that America is still free enough for just about anyone to work, create, and establish themselves regardless of what the banks and corporations do.)  The fundamental problem is that none of us are happy with what we have.  We want more and better.   We buy new cell phones, thinner and bigger televisions, faster computers, nicer cars, bigger homes, etc.    Whether or not we share a political philosophy with the “Occupiers” we do share the flesh.  The Christian will never find true joy and satisfaction is his stuff, but only in Christ, and it usually comes after loosing most of the stuff.   Just a thought.



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  1. freedomphyle

    Good points Pastor ! Thanks for doing this blog every month. Excellent to be reminded of the different facets of these situations. Hypocrisy is really prevalent.

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