The Religion of Atheism

I’d like to propose that atheism is a religion or should at least be considered one for all practical purposes.  One definition of religion from the Webster online dictionary is the second listed for the entry and states that religion is “a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices”.   My observation is that many atheists practice their beliefs just as religiously as any organized religion.

An example of this comes from an article from the which starts with the following sentence:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, America’s largest organization of atheists and agnostics, continues to use the legal system to purge the nation of references and symbols related to faith and religion

The article goes on to mention that this organization will hold its’ 34th annual convention thisweek.

So we have an organization which has beliefs about religious matters; it organizes, and it holds meetings.  Someone might argue that these peoples’ belief about religious matters cannot qualify as a religion because they are denying the existence of God.   Well, I would argue that since nothing can be scientifically proven via the scientific
method concerning the existence of God, that all belief on that matter must be taken by faith.  An atheist believes by faith that there is no God.  I believe by faith and my understanding of the creation that there is a God.   We both exercise faith.  We are both religious.

So an argument may be made that no religious symbols being displayed in order to satisfy the atheist religious beliefs, is a violation of my religious beliefs.   We live in a land where the overwhelming majority of people at least say they believe in God.  The vast majority of people are not offended by religious symbols displayed publicly.
The clear historical intention of previous generations was that religious symbols should be displayed in public places like state and federal buildings.   It is a shame for atheists to win out in court battles whereby they have forced their religion of non-belief upon the great majority of believers.



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11 responses to “The Religion of Atheism

  1. Brian Westley

    “So an argument may be made that no religious symbols being displayed in order to satisfy the atheist religious beliefs, is a violation of my religious beliefs.”

    Go ahead and try. Do you seriously think any court would rule that all available government-owned surfaces must be covered with your particular religious symbols?

  2. Hi Brian,
    No I don’t think the courts of today are likely to rule in accord with original intent. However, my point is not so much about religious symbols, though they are important, but about the fact that atheism is a religious belief.

    A cross on a building is a religious symbol but does not constitute a government religion. While it is primarily a Christian symbol, it says nothing about what kind of Christianity and will be accepted by Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and possibly even Muslims.

    • Brian Westley

      If you’ll read up on what the author of the first amendment said, you might realize that putting religious symbols up on government buildings is just the sort of thing the first amendment forbids.

  3. ““a personal SET or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices”.”

    Atheism is one thing. You need more than one thing for a set.

    That being said, if I hand you a piece of paper that’s blank, is that piece of paper ‘promoting atheism’?

  4. “Atheism is one thing”
    I disagree, there must be a whole set of beliefs connected to a persons’ conclusion that there is no God. This would include beliefs about origins, morality, and spiritual beings. It has ramifications for how we live our lives; things like marriage, abortion, and even government. There is no way atheism can be isolated. If it was isolated then atheists would’nt care that other people display religious symbols, it wouldn’t matter to them.

    The blank piece of paper would definitely be promoting atheism if I wanted to write something about God on it, but you prevented me from doing so because of your faith that there is no God.

    • “I disagree, there must be a whole set of beliefs connected to a persons’ conclusion that there is no God.”


      And those things are in addition to atheism.

      Most Buddhists are atheists. Their religion is Buddhism. Raliens are atheists. Their religion is Ralienism.

  5. Freedomphyle

    The “atheist”s i have known are some of the most self centered human beings i have encountered. Dedicated to sticking a finger in societies’ eye… ” see how unique I AM…” , ” you religious hate mongers can’t force
    ME to believe your dogma just because you say it’s so…” , ” religion is the crutch of weak , pathetic people. Look at ME. See how strong I AM…. I don’t need anyone else or any higher power ( being ) to take care of me…”, etc.. Notice the focus on “self”. I AM. I AM. ME. I AM.
    Narcissism comes to life. So self focused, they can’t see the whole forest for the sake of one tree. Self delusion is the best lie Satan ever unleashed….

  6. GabeC

    Dear Freedomphyle,
    Why would you call people who believe in GOD and disagree with you hate mongers? Can we Americans in America no longer disagree with one another and not be hate mongers? Are we all now little Hitlers because we passionately believe in certain things? Obviously you and Pastor Hughes are on opposite ends of the ideological hemisphere, but does that make the two of you hate mongers of people? I can’t say that you are not a hater of God, he explicitly says you are hater of Him, if you don’t acknowledge/believe in him.

    We Christians are not any more/less weaker than any other human being. What is your Crutch (gun, police, courts, unions, food, water, companionship etc..)? You are missing the point. Christ is not our crutch, he is our everlasting solution. There is no guarantees that we Christian will have a better life, because we have come to Christ (therefore eliminating that crutch you mentioned). Any so called Christian that guarantees a better life is probably a child of the Devil. The glory of Chirst is something we look forward to, not something we use to hold on to what we have here. He gives us comfort (of course), do you consider that a crutch? if so, do you not agree that the same could be said about alcohol, drugs, one night mingles, and the list mentioned beforehand? Where does that leave you?

    Now I could go ahead and post how you athiest are selfish but you won’t listen and you’ll probably write back that I’m just another hate monger. So I will leave you with this, Mr./Ms. Freedomphyle your problem is not with us Chirstians it’s with God. You need to take it up with him, and one day you will. I promise you that one day you will stand before God, and then none of your simplistic categorizing of people will matter. Jesus commands us to take the Gospel to the world and that’s all we have to do. We are not to judge people, (only their fruits), God needs no help with that!! We are suppose to tell You about Jesus and let you know that you need him for everlasting life. Please join us or let us join you. We are here and we will be glad to dialogue with you. Do me a favor, take one moment and pray. God Bless.

  7. GabeC,
    I agree with your resonse to Fredomphyle. What you said was good, but I think you missed that he was agreeing with you. He was quoting what atheists have told him, not making the arguments himself. But if he was making the arguments the reply woud be appropriate.

  8. Freedomphyle

    GabeC, Let not your heart trouble you….. once I proudly proclaimed my agnosticism, but have since seen the Light! I got honest with myself and the Creator of the universe and repented and accepted his gift of his Sons shed blood. PatH is correct. arguments should have been in the 2nd half of my commentary, but felt the truth had been represented so wonderfully by Pat H. Please forgive my laziness ! Thank God I am forgiven in eternity and today. Peace in Jesus, Freedomphyle.

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