Snakes and Bears

It’s Sunday night.  We just got the kids to bed and are making phone calls and reading the news of the internet trying to figure out if the house we rent out is under water.   I hear a noise outside and think the dog wants in…. but the dog is sitting in the living room.  So I go out on the back porch and the dog comes flying past me and I hear growling that is not coming from my dog.  Up the tree goes a bear!



Now, normally I get pretty upset when I hear my kids fighting and arguing among themselves.  However, the day I must admit to feeling a little proud as my two daughters argued with my son over who was going to get to hold the snake they found.  Actually my son found the snake the the girls wanted to play with it.  It was a small ring snake.   Very cute as snakes go.


Hey, you’d be proud too if they were your kids.

Now if I could just get Deb to pet the snake…


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