Time for a post I guess!

OK I totally blew it.  I was going to post once a week this year and now it’s been two months.     I want to get back to posting some more substantial stuff, but for now I’ll entertain you.

My son turned 7 last week and I took him fishing.  I wish he could stay just like this for the  next 30 years.  What a picture.  What a fun time!

Last weekend we went to Deb’s sister’s for a graduation party/ picnic for her nephew.  Turns out we got caught in the rain and the girls were soaked so I gave them some of my shirts from the car.  Do these girls look like they just came out of the mountains or what?

And now for a picture of Deb looking like a drowned cat….

I’m sorry, due to certain… technical issues this photo may not be posted at this time.   Check back in the year 2080.

(Owww! my arm hurts)

Ok.  This final picture is 3@50 – 308 o/s.   If you can figure it out you’ll be excited.  If not, don’t waste your time.

More thought provoking stuff coming soon!


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