Relief for Japan – Spiritual & Physical

Watching the devastation presently occurring in Japan is haunting.  You may wish that there was something you could do.   There is.

First, pray.

Pray for the physical needs of all the hurting people and pray for the Christians and the missionaries serving there.   Then pray that this whole event will emerge into a great event of lost people turning to God.   The Japanese are a very secular minded people.  God has not been at the forefront of their thinking — that may be changing.

Second, support.

There are lots of ways to support the Japanese.   There will be numerous places to make financial donations.  I want to encourage you, if you feel the desire to give, to give through a Gospel oriented Christian organization.  I am recommending one below.  Missionaries and churches are in a prime position to pass out needed physical items, but also to use the opportunities for God’s glory to promote the Gospel.

Below is an email from some missionaries who are still raising their support to go to Japan.  Included are some emails he has received from other missionaries currently working in Japan.   The address for sending relief is included.


Biblical Ministries Worldwide has set up a Japan Earthquake Relief Fund that will be handled by John Knox.  All donated funds will be used for the purpose of helping churches and individuals who have experienced need as a result of the earthquake.  Thank you for your interest in this way.


Designated Funds can be sent to:

Biblical Ministries Worldwide

1595 Herrington Road

Lawrenceville, GA  30043-5616


In Christ,

Daniel and Karen DeVerna


Email from John Knox and family received on 3-15-2011 AM:

The Lord reminds us; “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”  (Psalm 46:10)  In the midst of the turmoil around us, it is encouraging to know that God is always there to help, comfort, and quiet our concerns.  Yes, life is becoming more difficult by the day, and it may get worse before improvement is seen.  Gasoline is almost impossible to find, and food items are sold out quickly.  I waited twice to get a little gas for the van, but the stations closed as I was in line. The station said they would open again at 7AM tomorrow, so pray I would be able to get some then.  You are aware of the terrible devastation of the tsunami.  They estimate that over 20,000 people lost their lives.  Probably over one million are in shelters with sub freezing weather forecast for the next two days.  The big news is the trouble with the nuclear power plants and radiation leaks.  Experts believe we are safe in the area where we live, but they can be wrong.  Power blackouts are possible any time and the trains are not working in our area making transportation difficult.  As often happens during disasters, there is complaining that the government is not making the best decisions in dealing with the crisis.  Our ministry is being curtailed somewhat as people are unable to attend English classes and church meetings.  We try to be a help and encouragement to the people by phone.  On top of everything, Daniel had a fever of 103 today and his senior class is to leave for a trip on Saturday.  Please pray for his healing.  What the coming days will hold we are not sure, but we trust in a God who knows everything and does everything for our good.  It is true that the people of Japan need to turn to the God of Creation.  Continue to pray that we will be able to point people to the Bible and that their hearts will be open to receive it.  Thank you for praying.


In His service,

John, Becky, and boys


Email from John Knox and family received on 3-15-2011 PM:


It is a little before noon, March 16, here in Japan and I want to give a brief update before taking Daniel to the doctor for a 12:00 appointment.  Unfortunately, his fever was up to 104 this morning, so pray for the doctor to make the right decisions concerning his health.  Becky just left for a ladies’ meeting at church.  On lady especially really wanted to come and said she would ride her bicycle to get to the church from several miles away.  Pray this would be a time of encouragement for the ladies as they face many challenges including unsupportive relatives.  Thank you for praying that I would get gas for the car.  The station said they would be open at 7AM and I got in line before 6:30.  Shortly after, the power went off, part of the rotating blackouts Tokyo experiences.  That means everything goes out, including traffic lights and means of communication.  Fortunately it went on again around 9:30, but I still had to wait until after 10:30 to get the gas.  At least I could get 5 gallons instead of the 3 two days ago.  Thank you for your continued prayers and we know God is watching over us.  Many people are much worse off that we are and the weather is turning cold with snow in the tsunami affected areas.  Someone asked if we feel the earthquakes.  Yes, we do!  We were almost ready to run out of the house again last night as 6.2 magnitude quake hit another part of Japan.  I don’t think there was major damage from that one, though.  Read several Psalms while I was waiting for gas.  Psalm 4:1 is appropriate.  The middle portion states, “You have relieved me in my distress.”  The sad part is that so many do not have God to turn to in crisis.  Pray that many will recognize their spiritual need and trust in Christ alone!


Yours in Christ,

John and Becky Knox

Missionaries with BMW to Japan




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