Is all music acceptable to God?

This is a question not asked very much any more.   The most common response is this:

“The Bible does not say much about music, and it doesn’t forbid any styles, therefore it is all acceptable.”

I’ve written a paper dealing with this question from a Biblical standpoint.  The paper doesn’t seek to answer the music question so much as it does a different, more foundational question,

“Should believers rely on information outside of the text of Scripture in order to determine morally right and wrong behaviors?

The reader may find this document somewhat technical but I’ve tried to make it simple enough for the average person to grasp if he takes his time.   I’d love to get some feedback on this. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my findings.  The link below is to a pdf file.

The Biblical Discernment Principle


Note:  I’ve just notice some blanks in the pdf file. The blanks are the Greek words.  Apparently, when I converted the document from Word 07 to a PDF the Greek words wouldn’t convert.   If anyone wants the Word file, let me know.



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