Joel Osteen between a rock and a hard spot

Apparently Joel Osteen was interviwed on CNN’s new show Piers Morgan Tonight Wednesday night, and Morgan put him on the spot regarding his belief about homosexuality.    In the past he has refused to be nailed down about this issue because to condemn homosexuality as sin would be to tarnish his image as the happiness, prosperity preacher.     Backed into a corner, Osteen admitted that the Bible condemns homosexuality as sin.   Albert Mohler has written an excellent article about it here.



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5 responses to “Joel Osteen between a rock and a hard spot

  1. Stan Kohut

    Joel should read 1 Timothy 6:10. His suit costs more than most of us make in a year.

    • I don’t know what his suits cost, but opulent living descends from prosperity preaching which, you are right Stan, is in contradiction to Scripture. I do want to say that I applaud Joel for stating the truth in his interview. I just wish they didn’t have to twist his arm to get him to do so.

  2. Nate Klimek

    I find it odd how his “gospel” which says a Christian should be wealthy, healthy, and popular isn’t large enough to include Christ who was a carpenters son, hated by the masses, and crucified.

    • Nate,
      You should go to You Tube and look up his interviews with Larry King. In my opinion he flat out rejects the Gospel. Mohler has a link in his article to Osteen’s apology on his own web page. The apology seems good, but should never be needed. When a man who is a preacher of the Word has a chance to be on Larry King one would think that he should clearly communicate the gospel. But then, Larry King’s CNN audience is small compared to Osteen’s weekly viewership.

  3. Michael

    A wolf in sheep’s clothing, I’m not fooled by him or his ilk.

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