New Books

The postman came to visit me Saturday morning.  I’m so excited.  Look what he brought me.

I’m really excited about this book because it hits right on a topic I’m very interested in right now – the burden upon the believer to use his mind in evaluation of the world.   It appears that Piper is going to argue for a middle ground between prideful intellectualism and anti-intellectualism.    I’ll post a review in a few weeks.

This looks like a pretty thorough handling of the topic of worship and song.  If it accomplishes what the subtitle says, “A Biblical Approach to Music and Worship”, I’ll be very pleased.

I’ve read Bryan Chapell’s book, “Christ Centered Preaching” twice in the last fifteen years; the second time was this past year.   I enjoyed that book and look forward to reading this one.   I’m interested in hearing his definition and explanation of the “Gospel” as his subtitle is, “Letting the Gospel Shape Our Practice”.     This one might read a little like a text book, if so it will take a little longer to get through.   I’ll withhold judgment.


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