A poor attempt at poetry

I wrote this to go along with my Bible lesson last night.   The lesson was on Exodus 20:15,  “Thou shalt not steal”.

The first part is meant to sound like a rap, full of pride and arrogance.  In the second half the tone changes as the man meets God.

This is very unrefined as poetry, but I think it communicates.  Enjoy.

I steal because there are things I deserve.

I steal because I am a man and I am free

I am free because there aint nobody I’ll ever serve.

Ain’t nobody gona take away my liberty.

Da rich man says, “get a job” work hard and someday you’ll see.

But I say this is my life, I’ll never, no, never pay your penalty.


Each day when I awake at noon

I say to myself, I gota find someone to serve me soon

Whenever I walk downtown

The women, and girls can’t help it; they all swoon

It’s only right, it’s what I deserve; I think everyone around me needs to serve

Show me respect, give me my due, you’ll see.  It’s right for you.


O my, I got a pain in my chest

Could it possibly be the big KO putting me to rest.

No way.  I’m the man, I’m free, I’ve got so much to gain

Besides I remember what they all said of me,

He’s invincible. Unstoppable. He feels no strain.


What’s this that I see? A glow, a light, a bright white flame

Ahh, my eyes, I can’t look upon it, even with all my might.

But I’m a man who is free.

I haven’t any shame so don’t deny me.

I’m helpless.  I’m week.  I’m losing sight.

My strength is slipping.  Now all I feel is fright.


There’s a thunderous voice calling down to me

In anger I bawl, Who are you that makes a mouse of a man, so free?

“I AM that I AM.  The Everlasting One.”   I hear.

My body quivers while my heart shivers.

The power of his voice causes me to tear.

“You must obey and serve Me and learn to fear.”


“When your heart was filled with hate; while in pride you sowed seeds of dreadful fate.”

“I wept tears of bitter love; then sent my Son from above.”

“My Beloved came to die; was for the wretched rebel who refused to cry.”

There were none too wicked; bold lie, immortal dream,

That My Son’s blood could not their pathetic lives redeem.


Then I saw the truth as clear as day

It had been there all along but I’d not admit

Now was too late, for all my sins I’d have to pay

If only I’d learned, to the Almighty man must submit

One more chance is all I need.  I’d bow myself in humble fear, telling all, of my Lord so dear.

Please O Lord, my whole life I now regret

Send me back and to the world I’ll say,

I’m a worthless worm who deserves to burn, but God’s loving Son took my turn.


Then He said, “You’re not yet dead.”

The God of grace took in his hands my face and said, “it was for you that my Son bled.”

“If you repent and your wicked pride become shame, I’ll buy you back and give you My Name.

O yes I cried, it’s not right that for one so worthless Your Son died,

But I do believe, Your Son I receive.  Take my life, You’ll no longer be denied.


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