Blog every day? Every week?:()

WordPress, who host this blog have put out a challenge to write a blog post every day or every week this year.   I’m more the once a month type, but I’d like to post more often.   Writing forces me to think, and learn to express myself better.  I have a love / hate relationship with writing.  I love being at the point where I have written something and it is done; it’s so gratifying.   But I hate getting started.  Frankly I don’t have that much time.

However, maybe that is just an excuse.  Ultimately I’d like my writing to serve the goal of helping fulfill my lifelong purpose of honoring my Savior and leading people to Him.   Perhaps one way of accomplishing this would be to blog about the things that are already a part of my ministry: sermons, books, lessons, life situations, etc.

Anyway, WordPress linked to this Nike video.  While not particularly excited about the Nike brand or company, this commercial might be applicable to both you and me this year.  Enjoy.


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