Should Christians support Glenn Beck

Someone sent me an email today concerning Glenn Beck’s influence on Christians.   The email raised concerns over the fact that Beck has been promoting what he has called  the “American Revival” and mixing much talk of God with a calling back of America to its roots in Constitutional government.   The greatest concern lies in the fact that he is intermixing he personal beliefs, i.e. Mormonism, with the beliefs of traditional Christianity. (The content of that email may be read on the web here.)

Since I had already done some thinking along these same lines, I found the email informative, interesting and challenging.  Since Glenn Beck seems to have such great influence with people who take the name “Christian” in America I am giving a summary of my thoughts about him and his influence.
1) When Beck takes a stand on truth we should be able to appreciate that stand and support it to some degree.
Whenever anyone stands for truth, whether it be a stand for creationism verses evolution, pro-life verses pro-choice, etc., we can appreciate what has been said or done.     However, the degree to which we actually join hands in support of that “truth cause” will vary depending upon many factors.   For example, there is a real difference between a Christian going to a pro-life rally, which may include Catholics and people of many denominations, and going to a combined Catholic and Protestant church service.    We are clearly commanded in Scripture to separate from false teaching and non believers.
2 Corinthians 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

The difference in this scenario would be that the pro-life rally would be cooperation around a common cause without any direct religious activity taking place.  The religious factors are almost incidental to the cause, and there could be non-religious people who are pro-life.
However, if the rally became a spiritual or religious event, true believers must exercise great caution, and may need to distance themselves from said event, in order to obey an honor God’s command.
2.) Most true Christians attending last weeks rally in Washington simply dismiss Beck’s Mormon overtones. This is because they are passionate about the moral / political impact he is making.   They personally believe in prayer and will pray as they personally feel is right.
3) Some true Christians and many non-Christians could be won to Mormonism through Beck’s influence.
While many will be unaffected, some will be deeply affected.  Glenn Beck could become the greatest evangelist of the Mormon church.  He could literally lead thousands to Hell with himself.   So, if you were wondering, no I don’t believe Beck is a born again man.   I pray he soon believes the true Gospel and repents.
4) Religion is one of Satan’s greatest tools.   He is most successful when he combines 90% truth with 10% lie.    Most Americans call themselves “Christians” but I believe less than 5% are probably saved according to what the Bible says.   They believe that they are saved because they believe that Jesus was real and that He died for their sins.     However, many are combining their faith in Jesus with faith in their church, their churches system, or their own good works.    Faith must be wholly in Jesus or there is no salvation.
Also, in order to be saved, and thus a true Christian, a person must repent of his sin.  To repent one must acknowledge his utter sinfulness and the fact that he deserves nothing but judgment in the Lake of Fire.  To repent means to acknowledge and turn away from something.   Many people “claim” to believe in Jesus, but have neither acknowledged their own wickedness, nor had any intention of changing.
Satan loves to get people thinking they are saved and headed for Heaven because they believe in Jesus, when they are really headed for Hell.  For more on the confusion between being a “believer” and being a truly saved person, listen to my sermon on John 8:31 preached, Sept.5,2010 at
5) God demands separation throughout the Bible. It was exceedingly clear in the Old Testament where God commanded that His people, Israel, should not intermingle with the idol worshiping nations around them.   To do so would bring the severe judgment of God.    In the New Testament numerous passages forbid religious cooperation with unbelievers and some even forbid acceptance of believers who are wrong on a particular point of doctrine.  Believers are also forbid or have contact with a true believer who refuses to repent from a known sin.
6) As Christians we can appreciate some of Becks influence and perhaps join with him in battling on the moral front.   However,   when he persists in making his political point within the context of his religion, Mormonism, we must cautiously distance ourselves.   If we praise or agree with something he has said or done, we would be wise to also issue a warning about his false teaching and an emphatic statement that we disagree with his religious stand. This procedure holds true for Christians in dealing with any situation in this world.    We are followers if God first.   We must not fall prey to the error which says, “the ends justify the means”.    The end never justifies the means.  The means must stand on their own as holy and acceptable unto God or else we have failed in our highest responsibility, to do everything as unto the Lord, for the glory of God.

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