Help a Missionary

Church planter Gary Kramer is requesting offerings to assist missionary Bonnie Raught in Europe.  His letter follows below.  We will be receiving a love offering on Sunday for them.

Dear Family and Friends,
Bonnie Raught, Brenda’s sister,  is a missionary with GFA to Vienna, Austria. Recently Bonnie has felt the Lord leading her to a new ministry in Germany, working in a Church and Christian School in Heidelburg, where she will be serving with other GFA missionaries.

Though the decision has been in the making for several weeks, the Lord brought this decision to move to a conclusion in just this past week.  Consequently, Bonnie is shouldering quite a lot to get moved and settled by early September when school begins. Bonnie has asked us if it would be possible for Brenda to come and help her with making this transition.

Brenda is willing to go, but due to how quickly the matter came up, we have not had time to plan  for such a trip, financially.  We are asking you to pray and consider assisting  Brenda to make this trip to help her sister. Bonnie is able to care for all of Brenda’s expenses once she arrives in Vienna.   If you could help us with a gift toward this trip, simply e-mail us letting us know how much you can give.  Please do not send any money yet.  Once we know there will be sufficient funds we will purchase Brenda’s tickets.

We apologize for the urgency of this request, but we had to wait until Bonnie’s decision was final and for her to notify her supporters of this change in her ministry.  The best time for Brenda to arrive to be of the greatest help is August 27th.  Yes, that is next Friday!  Obviously, we need to move along quickly on final flight reservations and so forth.  We would appreciate your prayers for God’s blessing on this trip and for  Bonnie’s transition.


Gary Kramer
Desert Streams Baptist Church
Yuma, Arizona


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