Praise God for a Super Week of VBS

I think this may have been our best week of VBS ever.   It was great for several reasons.

First and greatest of all was the transferal of several souls from the kingdom of Satan to the kingdom of God.

Secondly, the week just went well.   We didn’t have any mishaps or accidents or trauma.

Thirdly, everyone had a blast.  This includes the adults.   Many of the children told me they wanted to do another week because they loved it so much.   My kids came home and spent all Sunday afternoon “playing” VBS out on the porch.

Since we scheduled VBS at night this year there were more adults available to help.  Many of the adults, both from our church and guests enjoyed great fellowship while working with the kids and during the down times.   It was a blessing.

Fourthly, we were privileged to have Craig and LeAnna Comstock with us for the week.  What a blessing they were.   They are going to New Zealand, but have a heart to serve and minister now.    We would love to kidnap them and keep them with us to serve on our mission field, but we know God has another place for them.

I don’t know if we’ll do VBS at night again next year, we’ll have to discuss it, but this year was definitely a success in many ways.

What would we do different?
I think we could get more kids if we did a better joy of advertising and promoting ahead of time.   We did a little of this, but there are just so many kids out there.    If I was better organized about it we could probably reach more kids.

In the future we are going to need more or better transportation.   We are blessed to have the old church van from Independent Bible Church of Duryea, but its about to pass on into eternity to its just reward.   A small bus would be nice.   Anybody got an extra bus laying around.

Finally, if you are reading this and you were a part of our VBS program, THANK YOU.  Thanks to everyone who helped in any way.   I’m sure you already feel rewarded, but your eternal reward awaits you.


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