Tribute to my wife

I want to take time to say this because I really don’t say it enough.    God has blessed me with the most wonderful wife I could imagine, certainly far better than I deserve.   She is with me through thick and thin and always has been.  I know I pick on her sometimes and yes, I go too far, too often.  But she graciously forgives me.  

My ministry couldn’t happen without her.  She does so much in the church that I often think she does even more than me.   On any given week she will study for and then teach Sunday School, prepare for Children’s church (which includes crafts, missionary stories, lessons, and music), play piano, sing in the choir, do special music, prepare for and lead the Wednesday night children’s ministry, and many more things.    She does all this while caring for me and our three kids, and working three or four days a week.

Today was a great example of her selfless serving.  She came to church to  play the piano but left immediately after the music because my son was sick.  We had a neighbor girl visiting for the afternoon and so she had lunch with us.  Then it go nasty.  The stomach flu struck our house at 4:30 PM.  We had three people lose their lunch within a five-minute period.  This continued for the next several hours.  She just kept cleaning things up with a smile, serving all of us.

She is hard on herself quite often, but I think she is the best mom my kids could have and a better wife than I’ll ever deserve.  Thanks Deb.  

And, no, I didn’t write this because I’m in the doghouse!


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